herewe are

More than 200 enthusiastic and passionate people, a turnover of 15 million euros, 8 offices throughout Italy, plus 1 office in Shanghai to help clients expand their business worldwide.

Our humanistic and technological skills are complementary and in continuous evolution. We build valuable relationships with companies, territories and international organizations. This is what we are and we are not going to stop here.

We are very proud to belong to such a great Group, which has been writing memorable pages in the IT landscape over the last 40 years.

Together with Var Group, we are part of Sesa Group, which has been listed on Italian Equity Market of Borsa Italiana since 2013.​
SeSa is a leading distributor of ICT solutions in Italy and has a revenue of about € 2,073 billions (data updated to 30th of April 2021).

Here is where every single form of innovation, either technological, of process or Related to customer experience, begins. More than 200 enthusiastic​and passionate people, ​a turnover of 15 million euros, ​8 offices throughout Italy, ​plus 1 office in Shanghai ​​to help clients expand their business worldwide.​

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